Dis half 3 in die oggend

deur: miaradov
Dis half drie in die oggend ek het wakker geword as gevolg van m angs aanval in my slaap . In die droom was ons weer beroof en die keer was dit om ons seer te maak. . En wragies al wat ek wil doen is om hom te bel , maar hy gee nie om nie . Hy gee nie om nie en het nooit . Wat is fout met my dat ek steeds lief is vir hom


A look into a Gemini’s playlist

deur: miaradov
A long ass poem made up out of my favorite lyrics: We’re falling to pieces , one by one not out of love , but we’re out of time. Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling. Sometimes I wonder if I’m living my life Or just waiting to die. Ghost in the mirror, I knew her face once , but now it’s unclear. I had good intentions, but I only made it worse. There’s more to us than what we choose to reveal. And I’m the worst. If I weren’t in this spider web of mine Then darling, you’d be the love of my life. Yeah I’m fucked up , but I don’t want to be! I tell the mirror what you know she’s heard before, “i don’t wanna be you anymore “ I can’t just let go , it’s like A flame that went out before it burned. But I need that flame just to know that I’m awake. There wasn’t a day that I thought I deserved you. I can’t look away I love the pain I wonder if the sun will rise again, If I’ll ever see your face again. I can’t pretend like it’s ash in the wind. How can I live with myself? To run the jungle , I must be a lion or be a cheetah, but neither is fine Don’t want to hurt my dear love of my life. Fuck feelings , swear having a conscious ruined my life , but sweet dreams are made up of these polygraph eyes. You know I’d rather die then say goodbye. “Leave it alone mate” , screaming don’t leave me here !